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Welcome Note

Hello - and well done on finding the Childless Stepmums Forum, it's a real delight to you welcome you here. This site has been running since around mid-2006 and I can tell you it was a long old slog getting there - not so much in setting up the site (although that certainly threw up its own surprises) - but in terms of the emotional rollercoaster which led to its conception in the first place.

If you are a childless stepmother you will probably understand precisely what I mean by that - and by the way, congratulations on getting this far without imploding.

Being a stepmum with no children of your own is possibly one of the toughest ongoing situations you'll ever have to cope with and given fairy tales and legend would have you down as the epitome of all evil it's hard to find much sympathy out there. So welcome to the Childless Stepmums Forum - a place, indeed sanctuary, for those who have found themselves in instant families comprising complex and emotional components; potentially hostile ex-wives, the memory of a wife passed on, confused perhaps resentful stepchildren, guilty fathers or grieving widowers. Whatever your situation, whatever degree of custody you and your partner share, whatever ages the children - and whatever plans you may or may not be exploring of having children of your own - this is a tough environment with, traditionally, limited avenues of support.

Well no more. This forum is a place to find help, to vent your frustrations, or your anger – to discuss problems that have vexed or confused you. But above all it is a place where you can learn to come to terms with the situation you have found yourself in, take responsibility for it and grow. By sharing your thoughts and feelings with others in similar circumstances – people who already have an innate understanding of what you’re going through – you can draw on their ideas, advice and experience to create a happier, more stable and more nurturing environment at home.

It may be that you just wish to read other people’s experiences at first – see how they reflect your own life and if they can help you in anyway – but please, when you feel comfortable, let us know about yourself. Share any problems or advice YOU have and be part of (whether we like it or not!) this growing community of Childless Stepmums.

Alex Thomas
Founder of the Childless Stepmums Forum